Palm {The Wedding}

Whitney & Josh Palm


When I walked in to Fox Hollow Chalet, the place had been transformed.  Tiffany blue with touches of coral… fans… hand painted shot glasses… burlap and wooden fans… It was all laid out perfectly.



And then I saw the rings… I especially love the side of them…  just beautiful stones as well.

The wedding colors were actually a nod to Josh’s favorite shirt:  He looks so good in it, I can see why!


Whitney’s birdcage veil and other classic accessories just MADE her look complete.


The first glimpse was one of my favorites… I could see him and his delight his whole way up to her!


So cute!:)

Family is just so important. I love how the fondness that each couple had for each other shone through in their eyes. Some were playful, some were snuggly… but all were lovin’ on each other.

Josh and his son have a special relationship! These guys are like twins, one generation apart!

The little Jr Bridesmaid was so cute as she walked up the aisle.

^They kissed… and then ended with a huge hug and the celebration began as Whitney’s sister cheered!

Then began the cocktail hour… The food was delicious! (Especially the fresh spring rolls… holy yum!)


Each guest had a place  at their table.



The honorary flower girl was too little to walk down the aisle… but she had a special place in the day anyway.

The guests enjoyed so much fun with the Alaska Photo Booth Company! They made the best guest book for the couple… each person took their silly photos and then pasted them into an album and added a handwritten message for Whitney and Josh! So much fun!



Look at this fun topper! The Cow and Bull moose on the big cake… and the calf on the cupcake to symbolize their son! Such a great idea!

All the guests and even the bride enjoyed those pretty little cupcake papers… crowns… collars and bracelets! It was so cute how their dessert became a fun accessory.


It was such a fun heart filled day. Couldn’t have ended better.
Whitney and Josh…. thanks so much for inviting us to join you for your lovely day. it was amazing! <3

The McDaniel Wedding

Austin and Kirsten McDaniel

May 30, 2015

When I met up with these two I knew that I had found an extraordinary  high caliber of person in each of them.  I had photographed weddings for many of Austin’s extended family, so I knew a bit of a background for him. He is a good guy, so of course he would choose a pretty awesome lady! Boy was I right. Kirsten is as sweet as she is lovely.  She is down to earth and the kind of person that would make a coffee date… or planning a wedding… super fun.  I like her a lot and I think you would too.

I met up with Kirsten at her parents beautiful home.   She was just finishing up her final touches on her bridal prep.


To give her a few more minutes in her comfy (and super adorable) robe, we decided to photograph Austin for his last few minutes of prep.  His mom pinned on his flower, and it was a sweet moment.


Pretty handsome!

There is that shot gun again.. you might recognize it from when we used it for the engagement session.:)Love how he pulled that out again for this moment.

We get back to the girls and what do we find?  You can tell these guys are a whole lot of fun.  (Don’t tell mom… They are jumping on HER bed!)

What a dress!!!

See Kirsten’s little pup in the background? He wanted to be a part of the day so bad… we have him photo bombing several photos… but this is my favorite.

Time to put that dress on!

She just glows, doesn’t she!?!


I love taking photos in a person’s home… it just makes it more real. Of course she had to pose on her piano! I can just imagine all the lessons that took place there.

This summer has been so beautiful! The sunshine was a very welcome guest for Kirsten’s photos.

Can you believe they have carousel horses in their back yard? How fun!

And a gazebo…

On the shores of their lake…

And then it was time for the first glimpse with Austin.  His mom led him down to her… blindfolded.

I think he likes what he sees!

So much love!

Then they sat down to read the notes they had written to each other for their wedding day.  I love that. What a great idea!

Thats a good looking couple right there!


Playing in the sunshine brings out some fun flair!



Cowboy boots and pink dresses! Great combo! I love how it goes with the orange truck!


And the lucky one is… the one on the top!:)Great job on the pyramid guys.


The ceremony took place at Changepoint in the lobby.  I have to tell you… the flowers from this event were spectacular!!

Austin’s grandfather prays a special blessing for each of his grandchildren’s weddings.

When the bridal party exited… it was with crazy dancing!:)

After the ceremony, we took a moment for some fun downtown photos and let the party get started down at the Captain Cook.


Look at all the treats that awaited them!:)

LaBoum events did a fabulous job as day of coordinator.


After a scrumptious dinner that included many tasty treats, the toasts made everyone cry.

The first dance

Then the dance party really began!



You can tell it was quite the party!:)


Styers Wedding

Kristi and Dillon Styers

Hoonah, Alaska


What an adventure!  It was my honor to be called back for the third and final Skaflestad daughter’s wedding.  When I found out that I got an awesome adventure out of the deal, I was pretty happy!  Shannon and I flew, first by Alaska Airlines jet to Juneau… and then by a little tiny plane… to get to the remote Island of Hoonah. In case you were like I once was, and don’t have a clue where Hoonah is…  it is just a short but noisy, six seater plane ride from Juneau.  Hoonah is located down in what the locals call “South East” on one of those tiny little Islands that actually have names.  Now I know exactly one of them. I also now know that with Hoonah being so much further south there are tons of differences in the plant and animal life due to the milder climate.   They even  have humming birds!

Just to give you an idea of what kind of life they live in Hoonah, there are only 800 people on the entire island.  When we got off the plane all we knew was that we were staying at “Aunt Wendy’s house.”  No address… Just “Aunt Wendy’s.”  The bush plane crew exactly where that was and dropped us off… no address and even no last name necessary.   Aunt Wendy put us up in her upstairs apartment and it was perfect!  The rest of our arrival day was filled with adventure as we explored the island with Kristi and Dillon looking for all the best picturesque spots.    And then we took a moment to experience the Hoonah Zipline… which is a crazy fun adventure with the longest drop in North America.  (Look up Youtube videos of that thing… its nuts!  Yes I did that and loved it!)

The morning of the wedding dawned slightly drizzly and grey.  That never bothers me much since then I know the colors in the photos are going to be spectacular!  We walked down to a cute diner and I had a super yummy seafood omelet that powered me through my day.

And then we started the fun.  All the groomsmen met us… at… you guessed it: Aunt Wendy’s house.

Kristi had sent over a gift for Dillon… and it seemed to be just the right thing: a new watch.

When I asked Dillon where he wanted his groomsmen photos he immediately answered “The Dump”. Apparently, that is where to find the best view in all of Hoonah!

He was right!:)We also found some other fun stuff… like the giant pile of tires!

These guys are all crazy and fun, so there was no chance I missed moments like this:

Meanwhile the gorgeous Kristi was getting ready for the big day in her mom’s living room.

So MANY great places to take ring photos.  But I think I love the cactus one the best.

It was so cute to have Kristi get ready in the room where framed photos of her mother’s wedding and her sister’s baby shoes decorated the mantle.



Ok, another ring shot. Couldn’t resist.


A special moment Kristi wanted to especially remember was the first moment her dad saw her in her gown. Her dad’s first glimpse was perfect with her perfectly framed beside the beautiful pink cherry blossoms!

Since I had photographed all three of these girls’ weddings, it was super fun when they each brought out their wedding dresses! And as a bonus, they brought out their grandma and mom’s gowns! Love it!:)




I was taking a few photographs of Kristi by an old peeling greenhouse when Dillon walked up.

And then she was in his arms.





When in Hoonah, everywhere we went, we made sure to have a gun along or stay in the car… all because of the extensive bear population. One groomsman told me that while he was visiting he personally counted 23 bears. I, for one, was thankful for that rifle… and that I only spotted one.








It was almost time for the ceremony.

Here she comes through the trees:

The ceremony was one of the sweetest I have ever witnessed, and you know I see a lot!

^ Favorite ceremony photo, right there. ^


Kristi and Dillon went for a short walk down to the place where they planned to make things official.  Check out these gorgeous wildflowers they walked through to get to the spot:


Without a table, Dillon volunteered to offer his assistance.


I heard a guest say: “Only Kristi could take a place out in the middle of nowhere and turn it into a beautiful event like this!”

Kristi has her own resturant… so we were all treated to some of the best eats ever: Chipperfish style.   Let me tell you… I am now a sucker for Blackened Halibut Lasagna.


The toasts were memorable.


You have all been to weddings so you probably know about the old wedding tradition: If you want to see the bride and groom kiss, just clink your champagne glass with your spoon.  It happened.  She kissed him.  The funny part was that Dillon didn’t realize she left behind a perfect bright red lipstick lip print.  When he stood up to thank the guests, he had no idea why everyone was laughing.

And then they went into their first dance.


The father daughter dance was very sweet.  Gus is a cryer. I always love that about him at his daughter’s weddings.


Look at the cake… By now, I bet you won’t be surprised to hear that Kristi made the toppers herself.

Then the dance party began!

I loved how the dance party was open to all. No matter the age, everyone danced with everyone. I saw grandmas dance with groomsmen and 4 year olds dance with bridesmaids… It was a fun family party atmosphere.

Dillon is such a crackup… he has the CRAZIEST dance moves.

At the end of our time, we put away the camera and somehow magically morphed into a guest.  They received us like one of their own!  We were rather stuck out there in the wilderness, so why not join in the fun!

And then… they brought out the floating lanterns.  I just HAD to drag out my camera for this! It was a crazy scramble to get everything together for a few photos after dark!


^Hey, there is Jessica and Cubby! You might remember them from their wedding in February!




What a beautiful ending to a crazy fun wedding adventure!  Thanks so much for allowing us to join you!


Friends and family: Here is the link you have been waiting for!  Click the link to see the rest of the photos in the set!




The Allen Wedding

Rainy & Dave Allen

What a good looking couple! These guys pulled out all the stops and had the wedding that Rainy has dreamed about for years. You can really tell in her details that she has put a lot of thought into things.


Dave was looking pretty dapper in that three-piece-suit.

Alyeska is such a fun venue… so many different photo backgrounds available!

We met up with Rainy just as she was finishing up her last touches on makeup. What a stunner! Dave is a lucky guy!

Everything was laid out in anticipation for the wedding… from her adorable little rose bud bouquets to her opulent jewelry… it all just speaks class and careful planning.




I love how the mountain just pops with that lighting scenario.

Rainy chose her sister to act as her Maid of Honor.  You can tell these two have a special relationship:

When we got to the chapel, I right away noticed that she had something unique: A Ring Bear.  No Bearer, just an adorable carved bear.  Isn’t that the cutest idea!?!

Rainy’s brother had the honor to walk her down the aisle.  Dave’s expression says it all!

Mr & Mrs Allen!

We went outside at the chapel to take a few photos before we went on our next adventure!

Dave is a pilot, so it only made sense to take some photos with his cheery yellow plane down at Girdwood’s tiny airport.


Rainy is all about these photos! She had quite the treck to get to this spot. Gorgeous… worth it… Absolutely!

The beautiful Virgin Falls never disappoints!  So picturesque!


Back at the reception, Rainy’s eye for detail really shone.


Her cake, made by the Alyeska’s own bakery, was absolutely stunning and unique! Love those deer toppers.




It was a beautiful event! Thanks so much to Rainy and Dave for allowing us to be a part!

Dominique and Chase are engaged!

Dominique and Chase are up for adventure! These two love enjoy Alaska’s wilderness together, so it was only fitting we do their session in Hatcher Pass!