Alsterberg Wedding

August 16, 2014

You know its gonna be a good wedding when a guy is marrying his childhood sweetheart… and you know its gonna be a fun one when he marries her at his favorite shooting range!


We met up with Sydney over at B-Bellas in Palmer as she was getting on her gorgeous!  The girls there did a fantastic job of it too!


Josh was looking good!   He wields that axe pretty well too.


Sydney’s little nephew was the ring bearer, and he was so adorable the entire day. (Though, don’t tell him I said so.)

And this little flower girl stole the show with her shining eyes and big smile.

Almost ready!


Sidney has a natural “girl next door” look to her…

The Bride & Bridesmaids photos were so fun!

The boots! Oooh! <3



The ceremony was stunning!:)


And make sure to notice the awesome barn wood background they built just for Josh and Sydney… Country Lovin’ for sure!:)


After ceremony we took a few minutes to have some fun with the Harley:


They were a fun crew!


While one of their little boys was napping, this one got in on some fun photos!

Love those blue eyes!

Love this one! The wild west wedding!


Boy do they  make each other look good!


Sydney’s flowers and reception decor was extra beautiful!


Grouse Ridge served up some sumptuous dinner!

Andrea from Cakealicious made this stunning birch cake:


This photo just makes my day:



And then on to the first dance.  Sydney wept with joy pretty much the entire dance. It was so sweet.

Martin from Alaska Professional Entertainment always keeps that music coming! Total fun!

Many thanks to Sydney and Josh for allowing us to be a part of your gorgeous wedding.


Friends and Family: CLICK THIS LINK to see the rest of the gorgeous photos from the Alsterberg wedding

Ernisse {Wedding}

Gwendolyn and Bobby… Oh how I love this couple.  You might remember them from their super fun engagement session with the movie poster theme

Then they turned those photos into some pretty incredible save the date announcements with the help of their buddy Matt Lloyd.  Click here to see a pic of those.

You can tell just by their engagement photos they have a truckload of personality… but if there is any doubt…  keep reading.

They were married at Bobby’s mom’s lovely home situated amongst the birches and on the shores of a gorgeous lake.


I checked in with the beautiful Gwendolyn just as she was in her final stages of makeup.

And then hung with the groomsmen & women for Bobby’s final prep moments.

This cutie pie pup was watching all in between naps.

Looking dandy, Bobby!  Though, at this point, it should be pointed out that I began to call him Bobert, just for fun.

Having a grooms-lady in the mix, makes the mafia pose just that much cooler.   Bobby found these awesome Vera Wang Tux’s at Mens Warehouse.

Gandalf would be proud.   Bobby gave these great pipes to all of his attendants.



Gwendolyn’s absolutely stunning Alfred Angelo gown was purchased at Anderson’s Bridal.  It was the picture of royalty.

Gwendolyn really wanted to honor the women who had gone before her in her lineage.. So she included bits of her grandmother’s wedding gown in her cute little capped sleeves and on her ring pillow… and even on her flowers.


Wow WOW wow!

Gwendolyn gets all perfect, ready and gorgeous… and then she gets down on the ground to say hello to the bear rug. Did I mention how much I love this lady?

I never complain when I see those six foot tall flowers… Fireweed is so lovely. Perfect for this regal photo.

Sometimes I run out of words to express how beautiful the bride is… but holy smokes! Gwendolyn is one purdy lady!

Gwendolyn is so creative, she even made Bobby’s ring!



Bride and bridesmaids and bridesman.   Arctic Rose helped Gwendolyn find these gorgeous Liz Fields Bridesmaid’s gowns.

Gwendolyn’s family are all just lovely people!

As you might have guessed, Gwendolyn and Bobby chose not to see each other before the ceremony.  But they did choose to write each other a little note to express their love to each other on their wedding day.

All I know is he loves her with all his heart!

Occasionally we have summers like this in Alaska… The forecast predicted rain, but this is what they got! Stunning blue skies!


Bobby built the awesome drift wood archway… and then as a surprise and at last minute he added this awesome plaque that had their wedding theme words burned into it.

Shhh, don’t tell Bobby!  As Gwendolyn’s surprise, she had a super fun Steam Punk style hat to bring out at the reception.  (It was made by her mom, Monica!)

And then it was time… The moment had arrived.

Both of Gwendolyn’s parents escorted her down the aisle.  (And I can’t be sure, but I am pretty sure I spotted Bobby wipe away a tear or two)

I’m a pretty sneaky lady… I had permission to take photos of these two’s first few moments together as man and wife… but it is all the more sweet when they didn’t even realize I was there yet.

They took a few moments to snuggle Bobby’s sweet old Doggie and then make things official.



Then we spent a few moments to make some pretty photos as Mr & Mrs.


Love this one:

There she goes again… being all stunning.

Meanwhile, the guests were over at the reception enjoying each other and the fun things Bobby and Gwendolyn had made for them.  

Did you see that awesome beer tap bar one in the photos above? IT was super cool!  One of their good friends made that for  the wedding!  (I want one!)

Check out this fun chandelier Gwendolyn made!  Recognize the pieces and parts?

These little people at the wedding enjoy the reception in their own way:

Seriously talented Gwendolyn made this great cake topper.  Her bridesmaid, Christine Aumick, pulled double duty and made this adorable cake to match! Isn’t it great!?


Gwendolyn has traveled the world… and at each destination she has enjoyed a special bottle of something.  This special champagne was supposed to be enjoyed at her next exotic destination (Antarctica).  When she met Bobby, she chose to savor it at their wedding.

Even the sky joined in with the color scheme!


I expect these two will have much fun with each other.


Flower toss!

Then the couple hopped into the speedboat to go to their super secret honeymoon location across the lake where I would meet up with them for a few more romantic photos.

And then this happened.  What a fun way to celebrate!


At the honeymoon location, we took just a few more photos of the two.

At some point on the speed boat ride Gwendolyn got pretty wet from a wave.  Her response: “Now, there isn’t any reason to NOT to get in the lake!”  What a great way to look at life!

And for one last photo, the couple posed in front of their inviting honeymoon cabin.


Gwendolyn and Bobby… we truly enjoyed our day with you.  Thanks so much for allowing us to be a part!


CLICK HERE to see the rest of the photos of this lovely wedding!

Barbra Day Curtiss - October 13, 2014 - 5:53 pm

What a beautiful wedding and what beautiful photos!

The Cox Wedding

Eric and Amanda were married at the gorgeous Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge on one of the most GORGEOUS days in the summer.


Mount McKinley even showed up for the wedding!  It was stunning!:)


After we worked with the “boys” we went in and met up with Amanda and her crew.  Check out this very detailed and thoughtful “Wedding Survival Kit” made by one of her dear friends!  Such a handy thing to have available!



One of Amanda’s bridesmaids did her hair and makeup… Pretty nice job of it too!

Oooh, I just love Amanda’s bling!  She had a hair band and earrings to match!

And check out that diamond!  Well done Eric!

Amanda replaced the traditional white lacing on her gown with ribbons in her wedding theme… many shades of purple!! What a fun way to customize your dress! (Genious!)

Looking good, Lady!

I know I included a bunch of these in the blog… but she is just so beautiful it is hard to choose between them!

These bridesmaids photos are so fun… filled with such personality!


Sweet flower girl…  Itsn’t it awesome that the Iris were blooming just for Amanda’s wedding?  Perfect flower timing!


Ceremony time came and the sun was hot, and the sky was blue!   I love Amanda’s expression as she gets to the end of the aisle.  She is just GLOWING!


Denali was the background for their vows.  So gorgeous!


They took a few moments for friends and family to greet them and wish them a happy life filled with love!

This little peanut / flower girl just stole my heart.  What a sweetie!

Mr. and Mrs. Cox look mighty fine together, if you ask me.

As you will see later… Amanda had a butterfly theme for her wedding, so it was super awesome to catch these beauties on those purple Iris! How perfect is that!

And then off to the beautiful reception under the tents.  It was such a nice treat to not even need them with all that amazing sunshine!

The lovely candy bar was quite a draw… it had a mixture of fresh fruit and other goodies to dip into the purple chocolate fountain!

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that Amanda and Eric held auditions for their toasts… every single one was hilarious!

The food at the lodge was delicious!

Love that butterfly inspired cake!  What a great personal touch!

Oh yes, they did!  Cake smashers!

The garter was a hilarious moment… Amanda covering her eyes… while the guy looking on with his big mouth in an “o” just crack me up! I love catching little moments like that!


And then it was the end of a very fun filled, sunshine blessed day!


Congratulations to Eric and Amanda! I wish you a marriage filled with the joy you experienced on your wedding day!
Here is the link to the rest of the photos!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Stacy Squires Photography - October 7, 2014 - 12:30 pm

what a beautiful bride Amanda is and the photos are stunning

A few from recent shoots…

I have just been so busy lately, that my blogging has taken a bit of a hit!:)I thought I would take a few moments and share some of my recent favorites for those that might not follow me on Facebook.:)


Meet Laura and her boys:

Jordan and Dane decided to do their session at Eklutna Lake… which is always stunning.:)

They even brought along a canoe!

Deana and her best bud Ashli did their session at the Transportation Museum in Wasilla.  Ashli was up to Alaska for a visit from Wyoming.

After the session, Deana and Ashli got matching tattoos with a stick figure of a girl talking on a tin can phone… when they are together, the string connects!



Marla told me that photos of her family are her very favorite thing… so this gramma got her wish and got photos of ALL of her kids and grandkids.  :)


Adrianne told me that she loved books so very much that she wanted to have books in all of her photos.  She didn’t get to have them in all… but for this line she did.:)

Gramma Marla all surrounded by her beautiful granddaughters in the summer sunlight.

And Grandpa Jim with his grandsons!

There are many more photos to see from these sets over on Facebook… So… Go take a look and like my page! It does my business good!:)

The Eicher wedding

Diedra and John were married on the most sought after Saturday for weddings in Alaska… June 21.  Fortunately they had booked me over a year in advance, because I always have a whole lot of brides interested in that date.


The grooms prep at John’s house was hilarious… this crew of guys were in fine spirits in preparation for the wedding.


Thoughtful Diedra had gifts for each groomsman… cigars, Crown and Coke… all calculated to provide a good time!

John’s boutonniere had a photo to remember his precious grandmother.

Looking good, John!

John’s one request… a photo of his boys on his giant flatbed!:)Turned out fun, huh!


Diedra was gorgeous in her Alfred Angelo gown.

Such great personality in her bridesmaids photos!

Love those boots!

Even the flower girl had those awesome cowboy boots!


Diedra’s dad in his ten gallon hat are the perfect compliment to this country style wedding!

Then we quickly did a few of John’s family photos! Good looking crew!

John and his sister


The couple’s fur baby, Buff, was the ring bearer.

On every row there were birch cones filled with Alaskan wildflowers and ribbons to set the mood for the ceremony.


Diedra melted into tears as her dad led her to the archway…

The pavilion in downtown Palmer was packed.

During the ceremony, the couple nailed a box shut… At their ten year anniversary they will open it back up and enjoy the fine bottle of wine inside.



Diedra and John paused for a few photos around the Depot.

Oh my goodness, John is such a funny guy!:)From pretending to take a bite of her flowers, to his hilarious way of interacting with the kids around the place… He just cracks me up!

But he also has a sweet side too.

E for Eicher on that ring finger nail!




We had a few minutes, so we walked across the street for a field trip to Klondike Mikes!  Diedra was super excited because Mikes had just redecorated, and it perfectly matched with her “down home” theme.

Yes, thank your Pinterest for this idea.:)

For the pool ball ring shot, I asked if they had a special number… their answer, haha.


Back at the reception, the guests were kept busy with yummy chicken wing appetizers and table games of “I spy” and toys for the kids!


There was a pretty epic squirt gun fight… the girls were trying to use the bathroom as an escape, but they were thwarted by some good aim and a daring cowboy’s determination.


The cake was by North Star Bakery… and was surrounded by sweets of all sorts!

Diedras flowers were amazing! I love how she has so many succulents in her bouquets and boutonnieres!


Good throw!

Who says the mother son dance has to be mushy? John and his mom danced to “Foot Loose” and boy, do they have the moves.


The dance party continued… and I must confess, that after this wedding I was inspired to learn to moonwalk.  It is pretty amazing!

When my time at the event was over, the party was only really  just starting… Eric from Alaska Professional Entertainment always makes sure everyone has a good time!

Diedra and John, thanks so much for inviting us to be a part of your amazing country style wedding! It was simply beautiful.


HERE IS THE LINK to the entire set of photos from your beautiful day.



Michelle Eicher - July 25, 2014 - 7:32 pm

Beautiful photos Heather! I (John’s Mom) started crying all over again while viewing the slide show for 2 hours.