Kaitlyn turns 9 {Birthday}

It is amazing that Kaitlyn is already 9 years old!

Every year for her birthday,┬áKaitlyn’s mama has put this dress on her. It is the dress worn by her mama on her gotcha day! It won’t be many more birthdays that Kaitlyn will fit it… she has grown so tall!


Deana’s mama worked really hard to make her 9th birthday special! It really turned out adorable!

The birthday was Troll themed! So everything was “Troll-iffic!”

For a fun activity, there were fresh oysters flown in… each one with a pearl for the girls to find. They put their pearls into necklaces with a special holder for each partygoer.


Check out this sparkling candle! It was so neat and really brought out some huge smiles from the birthday girl!

When it was gift time, Kaitlyn was overwhelmed with the sweet gifts brought by her friends and sent from family. She especially loved all things American girl…

Happy birthday Kaitlyn!