Pope {the wedding}

Tori & Tim Pope

June 9, 2013

Remember the absolutely gorgeous couple that mush dogs in their spare time? Well, I sure do.

The time had finally come for Tim and Tori’s wedding.  Personalities and love of Alaskan rustic decor shone through with their selection of historic Crow Creek Mine in Girdwood, Alaska.


This pocket watch had special significance to Tim and Tori since it had belonged to Tori’s father before he passed away.  It was special to have a little thing of his at the alter with Tori.


What a gorgeous gown… but wait until you see it on Tori!




The front of the ceremony was decorated with Tim and Tori’s dogsled, Tori’s boots and other tools… and a candle was lit in remembrance of Tori’s father, right in front of a photo of him with Tori.

Here she comes! Tim’s expression says it all.

One special guest to the ceremony was one of Tim’s lead dogs. She sat perfectly through the entire ceremony, perfectly trained.

The bit I heard of the vows was super sweet.  Basically, it held promises to “out do” the other with loving actions… I think there was even a mention of picking up dirty socks without complaining.

Mr & Mrs Pope!


We snuck away for a few minutes without the crowd.

And then back for a few wedding party photos.

Love the fun in this one! Don’t want to get Tori jealous… she looks like she could rip them up!

The rest of the wedding party went to enjoy the start of the reception, while we took advantage of Crow Creek Mine’s gorgeousness.

Really, I think every photo in this set is more beautiful than the last. If you are friends and family, BE SURE to go se the entire set. Each photo in this series is so lovely, even I want to print them big and hang them on MY walls, haha.  (My husband might disapprove, haha)


The reception was so thoughtfully prepared for the guests.  Tori and Tim must have worked long and hard to create all the handmade gifts… from handmade coffee cup cozys to tiny potted plants… to crocheted napkin holders… burlap chair wraps… log slice centerpieces with fresh flowers… it was a sight to behold.

Even the trees dressed up for the occasion!


If you have ever cried at a wedding, Tori and Tim’s first dance would have brought on the waterworks!  I have seen a lot of first dances, but this one was extra touching with Tim lifting Tori for a sweet spin at the end.  (I can’t WAIT to see the video of that one!)

At the end of the party, the guests lined up for the bubble send off!

It was a pretty great moment when Tim realized he had no keys for the truck.

We met up with the happy couple down at the inlet to make our last few photos.  Tim and Tori really put priority on their photos and gave me lots of time, and that is why their photos are so absolutely gorgeous!



And now I pray for many years of love filled days just like this one for these two.

HERE IS THE LINK  to the full set of images of Tim and Tori’s gorgeous wedding.


Many thanks to Oxana for her continued awesomeness and perfect assistance during the day!  I promise next time we shoot Crow Creek Mine we are wearing hiking boots!

And the set wouldn’t be complete without sharing a zany photo of us with Scott Stephens (the videographer for the event).